Admission Tips

Applying to The UB/Towson MBA is a simple process. However, these admission tips will help you organize your application materials to ensure you submit a well-qualified and complete application.

  1. Apply early. The earlier you apply and submit a completed application, the faster you will receive an admission decision. If you are admitted to the program, you can register for classes early and thus have a higher likelihood of getting the classes you want!

  2. Take the GMAT early. Take the GMAT well in advance from the start of the semester for which you are applying. This will give you the opportunity to take the test twice (or three times) if you do not receive an acceptable GMAT score. You can only take the GMAT test once every 30 days. For more information go to the Official GMAT website.

  3. Get your Official Transcripts ASAP. Contact each school you attended and request an official transcript as soon as possible. Have the institution send them directly to us or have them mailed to you directly. Ask that the transcript be placed in a sealed envelope with the Registrar's Seal or signature over the back flap. Upon receipt, do not break the seal, keep the envelope sealed in order to submit them as part of your admissions package.

  4. Track your application materials. It is a best practice to ship your application materials using a method that allows for tracking. It is worth the extra money for peace of mind.

  5. Allow time for letters of recommendation. Give those individuals who are writing your letters of recommendation at least two weeks to complete the task. This allows them to take their time and craft an excellent letter of recommendation. Make sure the person puts the letter in a sealed envelope with his/her signature over the back flap.

  6. Letters of recommendations should be written by supervisors. Ask two managers who know you well to write your letters of recommendation. Ask them to document your work history, how competent you are as an employee and why you would be a successful candidate in The UB/Towson MBA. If you are a full-time student applying to the program, you can have a professor complete your letter of recommendation.

  7. Take your time completing the essay. We read your essay! Make sure it is proof-read and free of grammar and spelling errors. Make sure it is well written and exhibits a high level of academic and professional competency.