The Application Process

The Basic Process

  1. What is the deadline for my application?
    Please visit the application deadline page for a list of dates.
  2. How much is the application fee?
    $30 before the application deadline.
    $60 after the application deadline.
  3. Should I send in application materials immediately or should I wait until I have all my application materials and mail all at once?

    You are strongly encouraged to have all of your application materials submitted before the deadline. Only complete files will be considered by the admission committee. Files must be complete at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. If you apply late, courses you wish to take may be full by the time you are admitted and eligible to register, so apply early!

  4. If I apply late can I still start taking classes?

    You are strongly encouraged to have all of your application materials submitted before the deadline. However, we will likely process applications up to two weeks before the start of the semester. The closer the start of the semester, the less likely chance you will have getting the classes you want.

  5. Should I apply even if I haven't taken the GMAT?

    Yes! We strongly recommend that you submit your online application before you submit the rest of your application materials (GMAT, letters of recommendation, etc.). However, the GMAT is required and your file will not be considered until it is complete, including your test score.

  6. Do I need to have work experience to be admitted to the MBA program?

    Work experience is not a requirement for admission. Though the majority of our students are full-time working professionals with an average of five years of work experience, we do admit many highly-qualified recent college graduates.

  7. I'm an international student, is it recommended to apply if I missed the deadline?

    International students must allow additional time in the admission process in order to obtain the appropriate immigration documents. Please visit the application deadline page for more information. If you have questions about immigration documentation, please contact the International Student Services Office (ISO) at 410-837-4756 for more information.

  8. Are there special admission requirements for international students?

    International students should follow the International Student Checklist.

  9. I don't have a business degree, can I still apply?

    Yes. Many of our students do not possess an undergraduate business degree. If you do not have an undergraduate degree in business, you will start the MBA program by taking the business fundamental courses.

  10. If I start taking the Business Fundamental courses, am I an MBA student or a "pre-MBA" student?

    If you begin the program taking business fundamental courses, you are a "full-fledged" MBA student. Feel free to put 'MBA Candidate' on your resume.

  11. What should I write about in my personal statement?

    Detail your present reasons for seeking a MBA degree, your short and long term professional goals and how you think a MBA will help you achieve them.

  12. How long should the essay be?

    They essay should be no longer than 1,000 words.

  13. Do I submit my personal statement when I complete my online application or can I submit it at a later time?

    We encourage you to submit your personal statement at the time you apply. The sooner we have all of your application materials, the sooner we can render a decision.

  14. How long will it take to receive an admission decision?

    Upon completion of your admission file, the decision is usually made within three weeks. You will receive a letter in the mail. However, you may check your application status online via the MyUB/Towson portal.

    After you submit your admission application, you will receive an email that provides you with a link to a website by which you will obtain your User ID and password. This will give you access to the portal.

  15. Can I meet with someone from the MBA program?

    We are here to answer all of your questions. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with an admission counselor. We will also be happy to show you around campus during your visit. Formal campus tours are given daily (M-F) at 10:00 a.m. Please call 410-837-6565 to speak to an admissions counselor.

  16. Am I eligible for in-state tuition?

    The online application includes a residency section that is required. Your residency is determined at the time of application. The residency policy is available online.

  17. Do I need to submit official transcripts from all the universities/colleges I attended?

    Yes. We must receive one official transcript, preferably directly from the institution, from each college you attended. You may submit unofficial copies of your transcripts. However, if you are admitted to the program, you must have official transcripts on file before you can register for your second semester.