Program Basics

  1. When did the UB/Towson MBA begin?
    The University of Baltimore has delivered a quality MBA since 1971. Students were first admitted to the UB/Towson MBA in the fall 2006 semester.
  2. How many students are in the UB/Towson MBA?
    As of Fall 2009, there were 651 students in the UB/Towson MBA.
  3. When are classes offered? What time are classes offered?
    Since 80% of our students are working professionals, all of our classes are in the evenings, weekends or online. There are no daytime classes. On the University of Baltimore campus, classes begin at 6:00PM. On the Towson University campus, classes begin at 6:30pm.
  4. Who attends the UB/Towson MBA?
    80% of our students are full-time working professionals with an average of five years of work experience. They come from a diverse set of industries and most reside in the state of Marlyand.
  5. Can I really take my entire MBA online?
    Yes. You can take all of your MBA courses online and never step foot in the classroom if that's the way you'd like to earn your degree.
  6. Can I take all of my MBA courses on-campus in a classroom? I don't want to take any courses online.
    Yes. You can take all of your MBA courses on either the UB or Towson campus without taking any courses online.
  7. Can I take a combination of online and on-campus courses?
    Yes. In fact, most of our student take a combination on online and on-campus instruction.