Instant Decision Day


  1. When are Instant Decision Days?
    Thursday, November 21st from 9am - 7pm
    Tuesday, December 3rd from 9am - 7pm
    Wednesday, January 8th from 9am - 7pm
  2. Do I need to RSVP?
    Yes. RSVP to select the day and approximate time frame you'll be arriving.
  3. Where is Instant Decision Day?
    Instant Decision Days will take place at the University of Baltimore Office of Admission (Academic Center, Room 117)
  4. Will I be admitted on Instant Decision Day?
    Your application will be evaluated and if you meet our criteria for admission, you will be admitted. If you fail to meet the criteria, you will be denied. We will provide a reason for non-admission and let you know what you can do to better your chances should you decide to re-apply.
  5. What are your criteria for admission?
    There are objective and subjective aspects to being admitted into the UB/Towson MBA. Below are guidelines that are used to admit or deny a student. These are only guidelines. MBA  Administration reserves the right to accept or deny outside of these guidelines.

    The Index Score
    We take your undergraduate GPA and GMAT score and create an index score. The index score is calculated using the following formula:

    Your undergraduate cumulative GPA x 200 + GMAT score = Index Score

    The minimum index score necessary for full admission is 1,000 or higher. The minimum index score necessary for a probationary admission is 950. Those below a 950 index score will likely not be admitted.

    GMAT Score
    The GMAT score is combined with your undergraduate GPA to create an index score as outlined above. However, any student with less than a 400 GMAT will be denied admission.

    Undergraduate GPA
    There is no minimum GPA requirement but your GPA is calculated with your GMAT to arrive at an index score.

  6. All of those calculations take into account my undergraduate GPA. What if I have a master’s degree or higher?
    If you have a Master’s degree or higher,  your undergraduate GPA becomes less important and we focus our decision on your graduate GPA. In addition, if you have a Master’s degree or higher, your GMAT is waived.
  7. What if I show up and I’m just missing one of the application materials, can a decision still be made? Perhaps on a conditional basis?
    No. In order for a decision to be rendered, all of your application materials must be on file at the University of Baltimore or brought with you on Instant Decision Day.
  8. How long will the entire process take from being admitted through course registration?
    It really depends on the volume of applicants who attend each day. Once you arrive at the Office of Admissions, you will check in and have a seat in the waiting area until an admission counselor is available to see you.  Once the counselor meets you and assuming you are admitted, you will go to the Merrick Advising Center where you’ll meet with an advisor for an initial advising session and to register for classes.

    If you are seen soon after you arrive at the Office of Admissions and are fully admitted, the process will likely take 60-75 minutes. If there is a wait in the Office of Admissions or in the Merrick  Advising Center and/or you aren’t fully admitted but admitted on probation, the process could take up to two to two-and-a-half hours.
  9. Will I be guaranteed to get the class I want?
    We can’t guarantee that you’ll get into the class or even the class section you want. However, the sooner you apply and get admitted, the better your chances.
  10. Do I need to pay my tuition in full if I register for classes on Instant Decision Day?
    Nope! You will not need to pay for your class until January 24th of the spring semester.
  11. Can I be admitted to the Summer or Fall 2014 semesters?
    This Instant Decision Day is specifically for individuals applying for the Spring 2014 semester. There will be future Instant Decision Days for the Summer and Fall 2014 semesters.
  12. If I get admitted during an Instant Decision Day for the Spring 2014 semester can I defer my admission to the Summer or Fall 2014 semester?
    You will be able to defer your admission but certain aspects of your admission will not carry forward. For example, your foundation course waivers may expire by the Summer or Fall because by then, you might be outside the 5 year waiver policy. If that’s the case, though your admission is deferred, you will be required to take the foundation courses that were waived for the Spring. For information on our foundation courses and our waiver policy, visit
  13. Will I be able to get my parking passes and ID cards on Instant Decision Day?
    You will not be able to obtain an ID or setup parking until two or three weeks prior to the start of the Spring 2014 semester.