With society becoming increasingly complex, the administration of private and public business enterprises requires greater interaction with the legal system. Concurrent with this development, there is an increasing need for lawyers who are fully trained in administration and management. The inclusion of study in a complementary discipline has become an integral component of modern graduate and law schools.

In recognition of this interdisciplinary need, the MBA program has a combined degree program that is offered through both the University of Baltimore School Of Law and the University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Law, leading to both the J.D. and the M.B.A. The program is designed to offer students the most relevant courses in a sequence that most effectively utilizes the relation inherent between these courses in the two schools.

The M.B.A. /J.D. program allows a student to obtain M.B.A. and J.D. degrees in an integrated sequence of courses over a three to four-year period. The law schools will transfer 9 credits of required M.B.A. courses as law electives. The MBA program will transfer 9 credits of law electives as M.B.A. electives.

Admission and Advisement
Students need to apply and be admitted to both the respective School of Law and the School of Business. The LSAT may be used in lieu of the GMAT for students who have been accepted into the law school. The M.B.A. /J.D. adviser prepares a program plan of study which lists the courses required to meet the M.B.A. degree requirements. The School of Law also counsels students, particularly with regard to blending the degree requirements. Students do not take business courses during the first year of law school and either begin their M.B.A. after the first year or interrupt the M.B.A. for two semesters.

If you are currently a student in the program and have questions, please contact your academic advisor.

Degree Requirements

Fundamental Courses (18 Credits)

Waiver of Fundamental Courses

ACCT 504: Introduction to Accounting
ECON 504: Economics
FIN 504: Financial Management
MGMT 506: Operations and Supply Chain Management
MKTG 504: Marketing Management
OPRE 504: Data Analysis and Decisions

Integrated Core Courses (24 Credits)


MGMT 600 Leading and Managing People
ACCT 640 Accounting for Managerial Decisions
ECON 640 Economics of Public Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility
FIN 640 Financial Analysis and Strategy
INSS 640 Information Technology for Business Transformation
MKTG 640 Strategic Marketing in a Global Economy
MGMT 660 Project Management
MGMT 700 Strategic Management in a Global Environment


Nine credits of electives are transferred from the School of Law. One 3-credit elective must be taken from the MBA program in one of the following disciplines: accounting, finance, information systems, management or marketing.