In conjunction with the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, the dual M.B.A./Pharm.D. program provides Doctor of Pharmacy students with management skills and teaches them how to develop entrepreneurial capabilities for a pharmacy career in a diverse range of health care areas. Enrollment in the dual-degree program allows for the transfer of seven pharmacy courses toward the M.B.A.

Admission Pharm.D. students must have a bachelor’s degree or four years of college to be eligible for admission to the M.B.A. program. Applicants must file an application with the University of Baltimore and request that the UMB School of Pharmacy Student Affairs Office send copies of their pre-pharmacy transcripts to UB. If the applicant has not taken the GMAT, the PCAT will be substituted.

The M.B.A. program requires completion of business fundamentals (18 credits), integrated core courses (21 credits), and 12 credits of electives.

If you are currently a student in the program and have questions, please contact your academic advisor.

Fundamental Courses (18 Credits)

Waiver of Fundamental Courses

PHAR 517 Study Design and Analysis (2 credits)
ACCT 504 Introduction to Accounting
PHMY 577 Pharmaceutical Economics
FIN 504: Financial Management

PHAR 544

Patient-Centered Pharmecy Practice and Management I AND Patient-Centered Pharmecy Practice and Management II
PHMY 529: Pharmaceutical Marketing

Integrated Core Courses (24 Credits)


MGMT 600 Leading and Managing People
ACCT 640 Accounting for Managerial Decisions
ECON 640 Economics of Public Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility
FIN 640 Financial Analysis and Strategy
INSS 640 Information Technology for Business Transformation
MKTG 640 Strategic Marketing in a Global Economy
MGMT 660 Project Management
MGMT 700 Strategic Management in a Global Environment

Elective Courses (12 Credits)

Select one 3-credit elective in the MBA program and 9 credits from the following:

PHAR 522: Context of Health Care
PHAR 523: Ethics in Pharmacy Practice
PHAR 580: Pharmacy Law
PHMY 504: Issues in Health-System Pharmacy
PHMY 583: Management of Health Systems
PHMY 598: Effective Leadership and Advocacy
PHPC 520: Introduction to Professional Practice II