M.B.A./P.h.D. in Nursing

In conjunction with the University of Maryland School of Nursing, the M.B.A. /PhD. is offered to students seeking advanced research and practice-based study in the fields of nursing and business administration. The 85-credit curriculum combines elements of the Ph.D. and M.B.A. programs and can be completed in four years of full-time study.

Students may apply to the nursing program first and later apply to the business program when it is appropriate to begin joint-degree coursework. Individuals must meet each school’s admission requirements and complete core and cross-functional courses.

If you are currently a student in the program and have questions, please contact your academic advisor.

Fundamental Courses (19 Credits)

Waiver of Fundamental Courses

NURS 851:
Experimental Nursing Research Designs AND
Analysis for Experimental Nursing Research Designs
ACCT 504: Introduction to Accounting
ECON 504: Economics
FIN 504: Financial Management
MGMT 506: Operations and Supply Chain Management
MKTG 504: Marketing Management

Integrated Core Courses (24 Credits)


MGMT 600 Leading and Managing People
ACCT 640 Accounting for Managerial Decisions
ECON 640 Economics of Public Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility
FIN 640 Financial Analysis and Strategy
INSS 640 Information Technology for Business Transformation
MKTG 640 Strategic Marketing in a Global Economy
MGMT 660 Project Management
MGMT 700 Strategic Management in a Global Environment

Elective Courses (9 Credits: select three of the four courses)


NURS 811: Measurement of Nursing Phenomena
NURS 814: Design and Analysis for Non-Experimental Nursing Research
NURS 815: Qualitative Methods in Nursing Research
NURS 816: Multivariate Analysis in Social and Health Care Research
NURS 818: Research Practica (1-6 credits)