MBA Program Requirements

The UB/Towson MBA may be completed in as few as twelve courses (36 credit hours) or in as many as 18 courses (54 credit hours) depending on your undergraduate studies. The program consists of 18 credits of fundamental courses, 24 credits of integrated core courses, and 12 credits of elective courses. Business fundamental courses may be waived in certain circumstances.

Fundamental Courses (18 Credits)

Waiver of Fundamental Courses

ACCT 504: Introduction to Accounting
ECON 504: Economics
FIN 504: Financial Management
MGMT 506: Operations and Supply Chain Management
MKTG 504: Marketing Management
OPRE 504: Data Analysis and Decisions

Integrated Core Courses (24 Credits)

Our graduates demonstrate the capability to form and function in emergent teams that value and respect clear purpose and roles, diversity, shared leadership, a commitment to common principles, dialogue and open communication, consensus decisions, and active participation.

MGMT 600 Leading and Managing People
ACCT 640 Accounting for Managerial Decisions
ECON 640 Economics of Public Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility
FIN 640 Financial Analysis and Strategy
INSS 640 Information Technology for Business Transformation
MKTG 640 Strategic Marketing in a Global Economy
MGMT 660 Project Management
MGMT 700 Strategic Management in a Global Environment

Electives (12 Credits)

Students may choose any four elective classes from among 600- and 700-level courses in a wide range of business disciplines to stimulate their intellectual curiosity or match their interest.