Online Flexibilty

The UB/Towson MBA is the only AACSB-accredited program in the Baltimore area that offers the convenience of online learning. We understand that you are a busy professional with work, family, and a host of other commitments. The UB/Towson MBA offers you an opportunity for educational advancement on your own schedule and at your own pace. You can study, participate in class discussions, and submit assignments day or night, weekday or weekend, at your convenience.


You can take all of your courses online or just a few. Our online MBA classes let you control your schedule. The classes are asynchronous, meaning you never need to be logged in at a specific time. All fundamental and core MBA courses as well as many electives are offered online each semester.


Our online MBA classes must meet the same AACSB-international accreditation rigor as those offered in the classroom. Online MBA courses are the same courses that are taught on-campus and often by the same professors. Online courses are highly structured and require frequent interactions with the instructor and other students enrolled in the course.

Faculty Availability

Our faculty are local to the Baltimore area and accessible. You can meet with your professor in-person during office hours, over the phone, or via email. Many students are impressed that our faculty are readily available to meet face-to-face for consultation.


You can complete your degree if you move out of the area or some other life circumstance prevents you from taking traditional classroom instruction.


What is the advantage of an online course?

Student Laura Lokey-Flippo explains the advantages of an online course.

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How do professors assist students in online courses?

Student Laura Lokey-Flippo explains how professors assist students while taking an online course.

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Online course walkthrough.

Ron Desi, Director of the UB/Towson MBA, walks through an online course..

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