The finance specialization offers students many opportunities to learn about the financial management of a business, valuing investments in securities and other assets, and the general structure and functioning of financial institutions and markets. After completing FIN 705 - Advanced Financial Management, students can choose courses enabling them to complete either a general finance specialization or a specialization focusing on corporate finance, investment management or financial institutions.

Required Courses

FIN 705 Financial Analysis and Forecasting

Elective Courses (select three)

ECON 650 Business Economics
FIN 704 Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 715 Security Analysis
FIN 720 International Finance
FIN 725 Derivatives and Risk Management
FIN 735 Portfolio Management
FIN 750 Real Estate Investment
FIN 760 Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
FIN 770 New Venture Financing
FIN 780 Corporate Valuation and Restructuring
FIN 797 Special Topics in Finance