International Business

This specialization develops managers and business leaders for rewarding careers in international businesses, government agencies and multicultural organizations. Students gain a theoretical basis for understanding key aspects of international management as applied to both small companies and multinational corporations. Courses emphasize human relations skills, such as cross-cultural communications and negotiations, and technical skills such as those required for the strategic operation of global organizations.

For more information please contact Dr. Alan Randolph at You can also visit the Center for Global Business Studies.

Required Courses

MGMT 780 Leading Across Cultures
MGMT 781 International Business Strategy

Elective Courses (select two)

FIN 720 International Financial Management
INSS 765 E-Commerce Technologies and Applications
MGMT 757 E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management
MKTG 760 Global Marketing Management
MGMT 796 Global Business Practicum