Management Information Systems

The MIS specialization is designed to help develop business managers who understand the strategic value of IT, and who can conceptualize and utilize IT solutions to business problems. The program provides a broad exposure to the IT concepts and functions found in most commercial organizations today.

Required Courses

INSS 650 Telecommunications
INSS 651 Database Management Systems
INSS 671 Systems Analysis and Design

Elective Courses (select one)

INSS 701 Internet Development
INSS 737 Strategic Management of Information Technology
INSS 738 Advanced Database Systems
INSS 739 Systems Architecture
INSS 751 Operating Systems
INSS 752 Web Sever Management and CGI Programming
INSS 753 Internet and Network Security
INSS 765 E-Commerce Technologies and Applications
MGMT 757 Electronic Commerce and Supply Chain Management