The MBA Classroom

The MBA classroom is a dynamic learning environment where students experienced in their respective fields, guided and taught by an accomplished faculty member, work together and learn about the modern business environment. The courses are designed and delivered in a way to enhance the learning, critical thinking, communications skills, and advance business accumen of all students.

The UB/Towson MBA is case driven. Students are immersed in complex cases in accounting, leadership, finance, management information systems, and others. Students are required to examine a case and determine the root cause of organizational problems and offer creative and pragmatic solutions.

MBA classes are highly interactive and team-oriented. Your participation in each class, whether on-campus or online, is expected and critical to the success of the course. You will work in a team of diverse professionals who will solve business challenges, brainstorm ideas, suggest alternative solutions, and learn about advanced business concepts.

Our faculty will challenge the way you think and help you to see beyond the obvious. Today's business professionals must have the ability to be different and offer solutions that are different. Faculty will help you understand the role of corporate social responsibility in decision making and what it means to create a sustainable enterprise.